Running Log Week 6

Actually felt good enough to run this week after spending two weeks with Bronchitis.  The Hal Higdon Novice Supreme Training Plan for week 6 called for 11.5 miles; I ran 11.2 miles.  A third of mile shy due to my poor route planning for the Saturday 4.5 mile run.

Starting this week I am logging my miles on mapmyrun in case anyone wants to see my running routes. Even though I know it is more about the quality of the run and not the time, I didn’t bother with my Garmin FR310XT.   I didn’t want my turtle pace to discourage me, especially after two weeks of not running. Next week I will wear it for the 3 mile running days.  The engineer in me wants to slice and dice data so I created standard loops to support my Excel Spreadsheet habit. The training plan I am following has 3 mile runs for the next 16 weeks.  Sixteen weeks of heart rate, duration, and time splits oh my! Every time I run outside my neighborhood, which is pretty much any time I need to run over 1.5 miles, I need to run up a horrific hill to me known as Redwood.  I will be fascinated to see if my times improve running the Redwood.

All this running in the sunshine made me miss my bicycle,  the girls ride started up this past week and I was running instead.  With work, playing with dogs, bare minimum household chores, and running I am finding it hard to get on a bicycle.  Makes me sad 😦 Starting next week I am going to try to run in the AM before work.  Doable, but ugh I do not want to get out of bed to run.

  • Tuesday 2 miles  – Ran my “2 mile standard loop“.  Felt awesome running in the sunshine, beautiful weather to run.  Legs and lungs felt surprisingly good.
  • Wednesday 3 miles – Ran my “3 mile standard loop“.  The Redwood was not so kind to me.  I am not sure if was the heat or the lack of running the couple weeks before.  I tend to think it was the heat, I am not used to running in 70 degree temps yet.
  • Thursday 2 miles. Ran my “2 mile standard loop“. Felt much better on the Redwood today, but today was about 15 degrees cooler than the day before.  Legs did feel heavy when I through.
  • Saturday 4.5 miles.  Ran a loop a tad shorter than 4.5 at 4.2 miles.  Longest run of the year.  Great day to run, sunny and in the mid fifties.  Wicked overdressed in my long sleeved Smart Wool jersey.  I had walk about half way through for bit, counted to 10 and was off again.  Legs were okay until I tripped over a hub cab wire and fell in the street. Took a minute to shake it off, my knee swelled up good.  Made up it the Redwood but stopped at the top for another 10 seconds to catch my breath.

Falling in the street, a very busy and narrow street, reminded me I NEED to bring have form of identification roadidon me at all times.  My running clothes do not have big enough pockets to tuck my cell phone. When training for Timberman I wore a RoadID elite bracelet for every run, bike, and swim.  I even worn it on a plane. Somehow I broke the clasp and never ordered a new one. Note self order one ASAP.