Meme’s First Play Date Hike

Big week for the Meme, she had her first hike with our furry friends Frankie and Gracie (not shown)!   I know I said Meme should be on a leash ’cause she has wandered off before.  However, with two people and five dogs on single track allows for lots of opportunities for her to wrap herself up around a tree. Since most dogs like to stay in a pack, and boy did we have a pack, I let her off leash for awhile to practice recall.

In the woods off leash I usually use “this way” or “with me” instead of “come”.  For the most part I do not need to interfere with their sniffing time as long as they are close by. I use “this way” at trail intersections or if I am to change direction and only use “come” when I need them at my side.   I am happy to report Meme always came running when I called out “this way”.  Whether she listened because she wanted to or following the other pups, either way I was happy 🙂


“this way” Meme

A few tines I did call “come” and look what happened…


It wasn’t all fun and games.  Sometimes Meme likes to play rough and doesn’t like to give up.  I learned neither does Gracie, she gave it back to Meme in dividends.  Thankfully Gracie knows how to show who is the boss without really biting but making lots of growl sounds while mouthing.  Of course this brought out my girly scream, which has yet to be helpful in any situation.  What can I say, I scream when I am scared.  We separated the girls and for the rest of the hike they were leashed.

My boys never play rough and are quite content just hiking and sniffing.  I am not sure how to stop the rough play. Gracie has proven not all dogs are going to be tolerant of her rough housing.  Any suggestions of what to do?