Meme vs Mountain Bike

On our hikes we have noticed Meme likes to bark at passing mountain bikers.  Being mountain bikers ourselves, we find it a tad unsettling.  Really, what biker wants a little dog barking at them?  She isn’t scared of the bike or the people riding them; it seems like she wants to control it.

It was easy for Kodi and Neely to become mountain biking dogs.  All we did was take the bike with us on few hikes, where one of us would ride slowly while the other walked, and finally we both would ride.  Of course we started out on slow and short rides, but they quickly grew to love the bikes.  They were never scared or got in the way. They simply enjoyed running along side of us.

Even though we are not training her to be a mountain biking dog, we want her to be calm when they pass.  We decided, or should I say I decided, we needed to bring a bike along for our latest hike.  The intention wasn’t for her to run with the bike but to get used to its presence.  We want her to get used to the noise of the tires on the ground and the chain slapping. Get used of the way people look riding on bikes.

We started off our hike with Darrell walking the bike then riding slowly behind the dogs.  Meme was doing fine until Darrell crept passed her, then she was determined to show it she is the boss.   Notice how Kodi and Neely just look at her like what the…


No, Meme, No…

Meme went after that tire despite all of my silliness until she popped the tire, leaving all of us walking.


Oh no, Meme!

At least we were able to explore along the creek.


Kodi walking the skinny

Next time we will ride around the back yard more before going to the woods 😦


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