Our Forever Dogs



Kodi, the angel of angels, is the world’s greatest brown dog.  I swear he has a human sole; he must know we saved him.  We got at 9 months old and he bit my everyday for months.  Our first night together did not go well at all, I will admit I was not keen on keeping him.  He was hand fed twice a day for several weeks before he calmed down.  Now at 8 years old I cannot imagine a day without snuggling and playing  with him.  He is my protector, my best friend, my hiking buddy … my everything.



Neely, named after the Bruin’s all-star Cam Neely, came to us at 4-years old from my uncle.  My uncle was unable to provide for him and we knew he would have a better life with us.  Neely is the “Marley and Me” dog, but he is way smarter than he lets on.   Absolute sweet heart, total center of attention, and needs to be everyone’s friend.  He loves spending every waking moment (and sleeping moment) on top of Darrell.


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