Running Log Week 7

Finding the time to run during Week 7 training plan has not been easy. I was supposed to run four times this past week but in reality only ran 3, coincidentally ran on all three specified non-running days.  Last week was an atrocious work week, worked way to much. Worked just over 60 hours which was not conducive to running.  Oh well, there is always week 8 to be spot on again like week 6.  At least I was able to add in two bike rides, dog hikes, and several Meme training sessions. I am happy to report Meme is doing better with on leash walking and dealing with the vacuum cleaner 🙂

  • Tuesday 2 miles – Actually ran 3 miles on Monday at Nevers Park in South Windsor with friends.  Good run.  It is way nicer to run with other people than by myself.  My friends who are real runners are much faster than me.  I guess that is a good thing, I need to get out my comfort zone.
  • Wednesday 3 miles – I didn’t run.  I had to go into work too early to run before work and went for a bike ride after work.  I was delusional to think I would run after my ride.
  • Thursday 2 miles – I didn’t run. I hiked the pups instead.  I though about trail running with the dogs but Kodi doesn’t like to run anymore.  He lolly gaggles behind, well deserved lolly gaggling since he has arthritis in his hips.
  • Friday rest day – Ran my 3 mile standard loop
  • Saturday 3 miles – I didn’t run as I wanted to mountain bike with Darrell instead.  Once again I thought I would run later in the day, but the day got away from me after hiking the pups.  Fantastic ride though, wicked nice to ride again with Darrell, especially at Blackledge Falls.
  • Sunday long walk – Ran about 3 miles at Nevers Park with friends.

Total mileage for the week 9 versus the plan on 11.


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