Running Log Week 7

Finding the time to run during Week 7 training plan has not been easy. I was supposed to run four times this past week but in reality only ran 3, coincidentally ran on all three specified non-running days.  Last week was an atrocious work week, worked way to much. Worked just over 60 hours which was not conducive to running.  Oh well, there is always week 8 to be spot on again like week 6.  At least I was able to add in two bike rides, dog hikes, and several Meme training sessions. I am happy to report Meme is doing better with on leash walking and dealing with the vacuum cleaner 🙂

  • Tuesday 2 miles – Actually ran 3 miles on Monday at Nevers Park in South Windsor with friends.  Good run.  It is way nicer to run with other people than by myself.  My friends who are real runners are much faster than me.  I guess that is a good thing, I need to get out my comfort zone.
  • Wednesday 3 miles – I didn’t run.  I had to go into work too early to run before work and went for a bike ride after work.  I was delusional to think I would run after my ride.
  • Thursday 2 miles – I didn’t run. I hiked the pups instead.  I though about trail running with the dogs but Kodi doesn’t like to run anymore.  He lolly gaggles behind, well deserved lolly gaggling since he has arthritis in his hips.
  • Friday rest day – Ran my 3 mile standard loop
  • Saturday 3 miles – I didn’t run as I wanted to mountain bike with Darrell instead.  Once again I thought I would run later in the day, but the day got away from me after hiking the pups.  Fantastic ride though, wicked nice to ride again with Darrell, especially at Blackledge Falls.
  • Sunday long walk – Ran about 3 miles at Nevers Park with friends.

Total mileage for the week 9 versus the plan on 11.


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Meme vs Mountain Bike

On our hikes we have noticed Meme likes to bark at passing mountain bikers.  Being mountain bikers ourselves, we find it a tad unsettling.  Really, what biker wants a little dog barking at them?  She isn’t scared of the bike or the people riding them; it seems like she wants to control it.

It was easy for Kodi and Neely to become mountain biking dogs.  All we did was take the bike with us on few hikes, where one of us would ride slowly while the other walked, and finally we both would ride.  Of course we started out on slow and short rides, but they quickly grew to love the bikes.  They were never scared or got in the way. They simply enjoyed running along side of us.

Even though we are not training her to be a mountain biking dog, we want her to be calm when they pass.  We decided, or should I say I decided, we needed to bring a bike along for our latest hike.  The intention wasn’t for her to run with the bike but to get used to its presence.  We want her to get used to the noise of the tires on the ground and the chain slapping. Get used of the way people look riding on bikes.

We started off our hike with Darrell walking the bike then riding slowly behind the dogs.  Meme was doing fine until Darrell crept passed her, then she was determined to show it she is the boss.   Notice how Kodi and Neely just look at her like what the…


No, Meme, No…

Meme went after that tire despite all of my silliness until she popped the tire, leaving all of us walking.


Oh no, Meme!

At least we were able to explore along the creek.


Kodi walking the skinny

Next time we will ride around the back yard more before going to the woods 😦


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Running Log Week 6

Actually felt good enough to run this week after spending two weeks with Bronchitis.  The Hal Higdon Novice Supreme Training Plan for week 6 called for 11.5 miles; I ran 11.2 miles.  A third of mile shy due to my poor route planning for the Saturday 4.5 mile run.

Starting this week I am logging my miles on mapmyrun in case anyone wants to see my running routes. Even though I know it is more about the quality of the run and not the time, I didn’t bother with my Garmin FR310XT.   I didn’t want my turtle pace to discourage me, especially after two weeks of not running. Next week I will wear it for the 3 mile running days.  The engineer in me wants to slice and dice data so I created standard loops to support my Excel Spreadsheet habit. The training plan I am following has 3 mile runs for the next 16 weeks.  Sixteen weeks of heart rate, duration, and time splits oh my! Every time I run outside my neighborhood, which is pretty much any time I need to run over 1.5 miles, I need to run up a horrific hill to me known as Redwood.  I will be fascinated to see if my times improve running the Redwood.

All this running in the sunshine made me miss my bicycle,  the girls ride started up this past week and I was running instead.  With work, playing with dogs, bare minimum household chores, and running I am finding it hard to get on a bicycle.  Makes me sad 😦 Starting next week I am going to try to run in the AM before work.  Doable, but ugh I do not want to get out of bed to run.

  • Tuesday 2 miles  – Ran my “2 mile standard loop“.  Felt awesome running in the sunshine, beautiful weather to run.  Legs and lungs felt surprisingly good.
  • Wednesday 3 miles – Ran my “3 mile standard loop“.  The Redwood was not so kind to me.  I am not sure if was the heat or the lack of running the couple weeks before.  I tend to think it was the heat, I am not used to running in 70 degree temps yet.
  • Thursday 2 miles. Ran my “2 mile standard loop“. Felt much better on the Redwood today, but today was about 15 degrees cooler than the day before.  Legs did feel heavy when I through.
  • Saturday 4.5 miles.  Ran a loop a tad shorter than 4.5 at 4.2 miles.  Longest run of the year.  Great day to run, sunny and in the mid fifties.  Wicked overdressed in my long sleeved Smart Wool jersey.  I had walk about half way through for bit, counted to 10 and was off again.  Legs were okay until I tripped over a hub cab wire and fell in the street. Took a minute to shake it off, my knee swelled up good.  Made up it the Redwood but stopped at the top for another 10 seconds to catch my breath.

Falling in the street, a very busy and narrow street, reminded me I NEED to bring have form of identification roadidon me at all times.  My running clothes do not have big enough pockets to tuck my cell phone. When training for Timberman I wore a RoadID elite bracelet for every run, bike, and swim.  I even worn it on a plane. Somehow I broke the clasp and never ordered a new one. Note self order one ASAP.

Meme’s First Play Date Hike

Big week for the Meme, she had her first hike with our furry friends Frankie and Gracie (not shown)!   I know I said Meme should be on a leash ’cause she has wandered off before.  However, with two people and five dogs on single track allows for lots of opportunities for her to wrap herself up around a tree. Since most dogs like to stay in a pack, and boy did we have a pack, I let her off leash for awhile to practice recall.

In the woods off leash I usually use “this way” or “with me” instead of “come”.  For the most part I do not need to interfere with their sniffing time as long as they are close by. I use “this way” at trail intersections or if I am to change direction and only use “come” when I need them at my side.   I am happy to report Meme always came running when I called out “this way”.  Whether she listened because she wanted to or following the other pups, either way I was happy 🙂


“this way” Meme

A few tines I did call “come” and look what happened…


It wasn’t all fun and games.  Sometimes Meme likes to play rough and doesn’t like to give up.  I learned neither does Gracie, she gave it back to Meme in dividends.  Thankfully Gracie knows how to show who is the boss without really biting but making lots of growl sounds while mouthing.  Of course this brought out my girly scream, which has yet to be helpful in any situation.  What can I say, I scream when I am scared.  We separated the girls and for the rest of the hike they were leashed.

My boys never play rough and are quite content just hiking and sniffing.  I am not sure how to stop the rough play. Gracie has proven not all dogs are going to be tolerant of her rough housing.  Any suggestions of what to do?

Foster Friday – All about Meme

MemeMeme is a 3-year old Bassador, which is a crossbreed mix between a Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever.  She has the body of Lab but stocky like a Basset, also like a Basset her front paws turn inward and her ears are held in the flopped position.  Her rather long tail spins like a propeller when she gets really excited while running; I cannot wait until I can catch it on video.

She tends to lean towards Basset over Lab traits by being an independent thinker, which at times makes training challenging.  Meme is very smart but the Basset is a very independent dog breed.  Bassets were bred to hunt independently of their handlers. She fully understands basic commands; she can appear to be stubborn.  In our training sessions, she has given me the look like “I know you asked me but…”


Having Meme has made us learn different training techniques to keep training sessions fun.  We have learned about nosework games to appeal to her scent seeking abilities and flirt poles to use play over food reinforcements.  She responds well to praise, treats, and play.

Meme gets along well with other dogs, she loves her toys and others too.  We haven’t exposed her around cats, but since she has hunting instincts I am leery.

She is highly active and a go-getter.  We take her on daily hikes in the woods, but she needs to stay on leash.  Her constant need to follow scents makes her a wanderer; once she is on a scent nothing will distract her.  If we knew how long we would have her, I would sign her up for an agility class.  Her speed would make her good at flyball.  (You can read more about flyball at Sarah Hoisick’s Blog.)Meme-happy-bone

When Meme isn’t in full-tilt go mode, she is extremely cuddly.  She loves curling up while we are watching TV.  Very loyal girl, she isn’t one to hang out in the other room by herself, she likes to be in the same area as her people.

Meme is crate trained and house broken.

If interested in meeting and possibly adopting Meme, them please fill-out an online adoption application via